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Everyone, everywhere is being discipled. The question isn’t, “Are you a disciple?” But rather, “Who or what are you a disciple of?” Put another way, everyone is a follower of a particular vision of the good life. We all live in a particular place at a particular time in human history. This place and time are not neutral. There are competing visions of what Jesus says the good life is and what the surrounding culture says the good life is. And we have a choice to make. We can breathe the air that Jesus offers us and experience abundant life. Or we can breathe the air that the world offers us and completely miss it. The tension between these competing visions of the good life and the narratives surrounding them is what's known as the contested space. It's in the contested space that we’re called to fix our eyes on Jesus. It’s in the contested space that we’re called to point people to Jesus. It’s in the contested space that we’re called to make disciples of Jesus. We live in perhaps the most contested space the world has ever known. The perfect cultural cocktail of moralism and suburbanism. These voices call out to us, inviting us to live lives of suppression, distraction, isolation, and consumption. Jesus offers us something better. Jesus invites us to live lives of celebration, connection, community, and contribution. But how? Join us as we explore what it truly means to experience the life-transforming power of the gospel in the midst of the contested space.


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