Your First Visit

Welcome to CrossPointe Peachtree City

Checking things out? Welcome! We realize that engaging a new church can be a very intimidating thing. Even the most confident of people can easily become uneasy when it comes to visiting a new church. We want to help alleviate some of that potential uneasiness. Even though we may not be able to answer every question here, the following is intended to give you a sense of what you can expect when attending our Sunday Gathering.

Sunday Adult Service

We're currently offering one 10am service involving a mask-optional auditorium and a mask-required overflow space (the room to the left when you first walk through the main entrance to the building) at 401 Dividend Drive in Peachtree City, GA. It is our hope that you will encounter an environment that is welcoming and authentic as we spend about an hour and a half together. The dress is casual, the sermon is right out of the Scriptures, the music is intentionally paired with the preached Word, and we participate in the Lord's Supper weekly.

What about kids?

First, we have an amazing team of volunteers who will be in place to receive your kid(s) anytime after 9:40am. If it's your first time, we encourage you to come early to allow ample time to register your kid(s) into our computerized check-in system. This system is designed to get all the necessary information from you in order to keep your kid(s) safe. Recently, in order to expedite the registration process, we created a new pre-registration page online. This will reduce your check-in time on Sunday morning to less than one minute.

We're currently offering a single CrossPointe Kids class for the walker-preK age group, as we determine the appropriate next steps regarding kids ministry initiatives. All kids from kindergarten through 5th grade currently gather with their families in worship. As it pertains to current kids ministry guidelines and precautions...

  1. In continuity with our auditorium guidelines, masks are optional in the kids wing.
  2. While parents are welcome to educate their kids on social distancing practices, we won't be able to guarantee that kids are socially distanced during their time in CrossPointe Kids.
  3. Upon arrival, a CrossPointe Kids serving team member will check in your kids, making our check-in process a hands-free experience.
  4. Our kids restrooms are accessible, having been established on a weekly cleaning and disinfecting cycle. In addition, we’ve installed hands-free faucets and lidless trashcans. Our serving team members will make sure that kids practice proper hand washing, especially when using the restrooms.
  5. At the end of each CrossPointe Kids experience, our serving team members will wipe down all toys. In addition, our newly-installed REME HALO UV-C air purifying units will kill 99% of viruses on any kids ministry surfaces throughout the week.

*Please know that all of our kids helpers and teachers have undergone a thorough background screening process.

The people of CrossPointe

It's our hope and prayer that, as you engage in our Sunday Gathering, you'll experience relational connectedness, as you explore the truth claims of Christianity with us. We work hard to create an environment that welcomes the doubter, the disillusioned, and the disconnected, as well as the believer. We are not a group of people who have everything together, but we have found hope in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Find out more by visiting our DNA page.

What happens outside of our Sunday Gatherings?

We believe wholeheartedly that the church is more than what happens on a Sunday. That is why we want to help get you connected. You can do so by returning for another visit, volunteering, joining a Community Group, engaging in a Gospel relationship, or becoming a partner of CrossPointe Church.


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