Indoor Gathering Plans, Guidelines and Precautions (revised 10/22/2020)


  1. We are currently hosting two family-style services in our auditorium. One of those services is a mask-required service at 9:30am (with no formal kids ministry), and the other is a mask-optional service at 11am (with a walker-preK class launching on November 1st).
  2. In addition, we're live-streaming the 9:30am service for those individuals and families who need to continue to utilize the digital platform.


  1. Anyone who falls into the vulnerable category, has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or is exhibiting signs of sickness should remain home and view our Sunday Gathering online.
  2. If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 and are showing no sign of symptoms, we ask that you please remain home and view our Sunday Gathering online for one Sunday as a precaution to see if symptoms develop.
  3. Please do your best to maintain a social distance of at least six feet from other family units while on campus.
  4. With social distancing in mind, we’ve established a maximum capacity of 82 seats in our auditorium. So that leadership can know whether or not to set up any overflow spaces on any given week, we’re currently sending out a weekly pre-registration link. We ask that you please pre-register for whichever service you and/or your family plan to attend.
  5. For the mask-required service, all are expected to wear a mask while inside the building except while leading from the stage (including serving team members and leaders). For the mask-optional service, Connect Team members wear a mask while greeting and directing people to their seats.
  6. We are not handing out any bulletins or flyers.
  7. Initially, coffee is not being offered. However, please feel free to bring your own coffee!
  8. We are not passing an offering basket during the service. Instead, an offering box is accessible on the back table near the entrance to the auditorium. Feel free to give your tithes and offerings before or after the service. You’re also welcome to give online.
  9. If you’re a Christian, we invite you to participate in the Lord’s Supper. Individual prepackaged communion elements are available on the back table near the entrance to the auditorium. Prior to your arrival, those elements are put out by a Connect Team member wearing gloves and a mask. Feel free to grab a cup and take it to your seating area with you.
  10. The main restrooms are accessible, having been established on a weekly cleaning and disinfecting cycle. However, we ask that you do your best to keep occupancy to one family unit at a time. The restroom doors are propped open and a privacy screen is set up at the entry of each restroom ensuring hands-free access without compromising privacy. In addition, we’ve installed hands-free faucets and lidless trashcans. Please practice proper hand washing, especially when using the restrooms.
  11. Parents will need to coach and monitor their children on following these guidelines. We're not currently providing any resources or activities for children attending the service with their parents, so please bring whatever resources or activities you deem best to help in practicing these guidelines.


  1. Hand sanitizer will be accessible throughout the building.
  2. Restrooms will be wiped down between services.
  3. We’ve installed REME HALO UV-C air purifying units into our HVAC system air ducts. These units do the following: (If you would like more information, please visit
    1. reduce airborne particulates by way of dual ionizers (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, etc.)
    2. kill up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses
    3. reduce sneeze germs by 99% in the time a sneeze can reach three feet 
    4. kill 99% of viruses on surfaces through new zinc ions
    5. create an advanced oxidation plasma consisting of ionized hydroperoxides, superoxide ions, and hydroxide ions, all of which are friendly oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant (produced at levels of 0.01 – 0.02 PPM, which is consistent with the air we breathe outside)


  1. We're relaunching CrossPointe Kids on November 1st with a single walker-preK class during our mask-optional 11am service.
  2. In continuity with the adult service, masks will be optional in the kids wing.
  3. While parents are welcome to educate their kids on social distancing practices, we won't be able to guarantee that kids are socially distanced during their time in CrossPointe Kids.
  4. Upon arrival, a CrossPointe Kids lead volunteer will check in your kids, making our check-in process a hands-free experience.
  5. Our kids restrooms will be accessible, having been established on a weekly cleaning and disinfecting cycle. In addition, we’ve installed hands-free faucets and lidless trashcans. Our volunteers will make sure that kids practice proper hand washing, especially when using the restrooms.
  6. At the end of each CrossPointe Kids experience, our volunteers will wipe down all toys. In addition, our newly-installed REME HALO UV-C air purifying units will kill 99% of viruses on any kids ministry surfaces throughout the week.


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